Kerman Development organization  :

In charge of new economic development projects in the south-east of Iran

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Executive support of Sirjan Special Economic Zone and Kerman Province economic activists

   - Attract national and foreign investment and provide an economic justification for executive plans.

   - Planning, monitoring and management of guaranteed projects in the industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors.

   - Consulting in banking, customs, insurance and investment.

the province of Kerman as the largest and vast region of Iran with an exceptional position in the economic Carrefour of the south-east of the country benefits from potential and enormous economic source in the sectors of industrial, mining, agriculture and custody and warehouses of the warehouses of goods. KDO has responsibility .

  to offer the Iranian society the possibility of taking advantage of all these facilities.

Holding company in the south-eastern part of Iran and Kerman province:
Kerman Civil Organization "is a specialized holding company, (holding company) active in the south-east of Iran, in particular in the province of Kerman, which, in interaction with 30 large domestic and foreign industrial, commercial and service companies , deals with issues related to the attraction of foreign investments and partnerships And is responsible for conducting technical and environmental studies and monitoring the implementation of development and economic projects and the preparation of industrial projects as well as the granting of credits from external sources for these projects.

The Kerman Development  Organization, with the cooperation of a group of leading national and international experts and entrepreneurs under the legal support of the government and executive bodies of the country and provincial officials, is trying to identify provincial capacities and new ideas and methods in financial matters. and economically, organize and organize the areas of added value and the use of domestic and foreign investments for optimal efficiency of the comparative advantages and the potential and extensive possibilities available in the country (with priority in the implementation at the provincial level ) and laying the foundations for the development of development activities and diversification of public and commercial services, job creation and elimination of deprivation in disadvantaged but prone areas in the vast province of Kerman, increase investment attractions and economic productivity in this province.

The official activity of the Kerman Civil Organization began in 1991, along with the establishment of the country's first Special Economic Zone in Sirjan, and later succeeded in establishing and managing various subsidiaries. and domestic and foreign investments in the province, and in practice, to transform a huge amount of national and popular capital for the benefit of the economy of the province and the country.
The province of Kerman has many potential facilities for appropriate and profitable economic investments, the most important of which are the following: Civil organization of Kerman:


Existence of three special economic zones of Sirjan, Arg Jadid, Jazmourian

Existence of the largest open pit copper mining reserve in the world and producing over 150,000 tonnes of copper in the country.

Existence of the largest reserves of building and decorative stones with reserves of 2 billion tonnes.

Existence of the largest industrial and mineral complex producing iron ore concentrate in Sirjan (Gol Goharsirjan).

Has the largest titanium reserves in the country with a reserve of 5 million tonnes.

It has the largest coal reserves in the country with 280 million tons.

The largest producer and exporter of pistachios in Iran with over 200,000 tons per year.

The largest date producer in Iran with over 200,000 tons per year.

Has the largest area of ​​gardens in the country with 430 thousand hectares (25% of the total area of ​​gardens).

The largest producer of weaving and summer products in the country with 1.5 million tonnes per year.

Creation and activity of Mahan Airlines with passenger and freight facilities and fleets equipped in the country.

There are 4 operational airports in Kerman, Sirjan, Bam and Rafsanjan with direct flights from Tehran.

Launch of the main axis of the north-south railway in the direction of Bandar Abbas - Sirjan - Bafgh - Tehran and Bafgh – Mashhad.

Existence of Kerman Automotive Industries Company in the new citadel and Pleur Wagon Manufacturing Company in the city of Zarand.

Benefiting from various tourist attractions in Bam (old and new Bam citadel) Mahan (Shah Nematullah Vali tomb and Prince's garden) and Haft Bagh tourism project, Kerman (Ganjali Khan market, school and bath, Jabalieh dome, glaciers historical and beds Darya Gholi Beg), Sirjan (former bazaar and caravanserai, turquoise palace and stone garden), Jiroft (artzin well and citrus groves and the huge Sabzevaran dam).