Introduction of Jopar Passenger and Freight Trains Company

Jopar Passenger and Freight Trains Company, as the first private sector company in the country, started its official activity in 2002 in the field of passenger and freight transportation in the country's rail transport.

The name of this company is taken from the beautiful city of Jopar, 25 km south of Kerman, which is located in the foothills of the mountains of the same name.

In order to implement the privatization policies of the railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jopar Passenger and Freight Trains Company started its passenger activity in 1978, only two years after its official activity, by purchasing 22 first-class 6-bed Persian express wagons and purchasing and reconstructing 2 The restaurant started by exploiting these wagons on the Tehran-Kerman route and vice versa with the brand of Kavir trains. The company, with experienced and young expert teams with different specialties, conducted expert studies and recognized the needs of the market, and by launching trains on new routes, quickly passed the path of promotion and excellence and became one of the most successful railway companies in the country.

In 2019, Jopar Company has reconstructed a number of German wagons and turned them into 5-star luxury wagons under the Arg brand, which will soon be included in the rail transport network, which, in addition to increasing passenger capacity in the network. , Will promote the desired service and quality of international standards to dear travelers.

Jupar Passenger and Freight Trains Company, by having a suitable share of creative seats in the rail transportation market, seeks to maximize its share of the relocated passenger market, which is based on the knowledge available in the company through continuous marketing research, customer orientation. , Knowing the needs and expectations of customers and proper service will be possible.

 The routes of Jopar Company trains are as follows:

Tehran - Varamin - Garmsar - Semnan - Damghan - Shahroud - Naghab - Sabzevar - Mashhad and vice versa
Tehran - Qom - Kashan - Badrud - Zavareh - Nain - Ardakan - Meybod - Yazd - Bafgh - Zarand - Kerman and vice versa
Tehran - Qom - Kashan - Badrud - Zavareh - Nain - Ardakan - Meybod - Yazd - Bafgh - Ahmadabad - Sirjan - Tazarj - Zad Mahmoud - Bandar Abbas and vice versa
Tehran - Qom - Kashan - Badrud - Zavareh - Nain - Ardakan - Meybod - Yazd - Bafgh - Zarand - Kerman - Bam - Fahraj - Zahedan and vice versa
Kerman - Zarand - Mobarakeh - Bahabad - Tabas - Bashravieh - Bajestan - Torbat Heydariyeh - Mashhad and vice versa

The construction of the largest factory for technical and infrastructure repairs of passenger wagons in the city of Kerman, shows that this company is a leader in improving the quality level among private rail transport companies. All services related to repairs and maintenance performed in this factory, as well as equipping and rebuilding the fleet under the supervision of experienced specialists and engineers of Jopar Company, are performed by using the latest equipment and technical knowledge. In addition to meeting the repair and maintenance needs of Joopar's fleet, which has increased the quality and safety factor of the company's fleet, this factory can also meet the repair needs of the fleet of other railway companies.

Obtaining certificates of integrated management system, quality management for customer orientation, quality management in manpower training and establishing organizational excellence in the field of rail transportation show the provision of different services and differentiation based on customer demands, using the management body and specialized and capable experts. is.

Obtaining a certificate of consumer rights from the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization
Receive an electronic trust mark from the High Informatics Council
ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Certificate from IMQ Italy
Received International Standard and Award (QC-Transport) Quality Assurance and Credit in the Transport and Related Industries by the European Union in 1994
Receiving the Golden Medal of Managerial and Organizational Success in the Transportation Industry from the Secretariat of National Industrial Development of Iran in 1994 is only part of the company's honors.
The vision of investors and founders of the company from the beginning of its establishment has been to make Joopar Company the main hub of the country's rail transportation industry. With the realization of that goal, Joopar Company can, in addition to increasing the quality level of services, be responsible for at least 30% of the country's passenger transportation in the coming years.

The company intends to use the eternal essence of God and rely on young, efficient and knowledge-based human resources as the most valuable organizational capital, through the use of scientific, up-to-date and technological management, effective communication with stakeholders, environmental protection, And fulfilling social responsibilities and participating in charitable affairs and helping the community and sustainable profitability, developing and increasing wagons, utilizing existing resources, creating branding by increasing the quantity and quality of services and promoting by increasing geographical areas, freight and passenger services in industry Provide the rail in a desirable way.

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