Kerman Future Development Group (Public Company)

 History and subject of the company's activity:

Kerman Future Development Group (Public Joint Stock Company) was established in 2017 and was registered in the investment field under number 511281 at the Registry Office of Enterprises and Non-Commercial Institutions of Tehran. The capital of the company at the start of its creation was 50,000 million rials (including 50 million shares, with a nominal value of 1,000 rials per share) of which Kerman Civil Organization holds 90% of its shares. The vision of the investors and founders of the company from the beginning of its creation, to become a facilitator in the field of financing and activities related to the capital market of companies in the group and outside the group and to provide financial services distinctive, integrated and value-added to businesses under the Civil Organization is.

The subject of the activity of this company is:

1- Create the development and participation in different types of investment of the companies of the group through the necessary financial resources in order to improve the level of existing activity as well as the management and the control of the companies of the group.

2- Review, study, preparation and compilation as well as implementation of various production, service, commercial and development projects and any investment in the projects mentioned.

3- Use of the financial facilities of banks and financial and credit institutions, credit unions and national and foreign loan funds.

4- Use of the financial and credit facilities of the capital market through the use of new financing tools.

5- Examine, study, prepare and compile as well as implement various production, service, trade and development projects and any investment in the mentioned projects.

6- Participate in various projects including production, services, construction, business and management in the country or without the participation of Iranian people.

Company objectives:

Enter the capital market and accept and insert the symbol in the over-the-counter market of Iran as the primary objective of the company and as the most important demand of the General Assembly and the major shareholder;

1- Transfer of shares of the main shareholder to increase the capital and assets to enter the OTC market;

2- Become a financial holding / capital markets services group

3- Provide admission advisory services to group companies on the capital market;

4- Provide financial advisory services and required reports to group companies;

5- Market and support the shares of listed companies of the Kerman Civil Organization according to their intrinsic and economic value in order to increase the liquidity of the share within the fluctuation band and reduce investor risk;

6- Gain the maximum profit and increase the value of the company's equity;

7- Reach an appropriate level in terms of diversity and dispersion of economic activities in accordance with the strategic plan;

8- Improvement of productivity at the level of holding companies and investable companies;

9- Reduce financial costs for group companies and use new financing tools;

Manager Director : Mr Mehdi Danaei
tel : 021 26292142