Kianiro Caravan Company

It was established in February 1916 in the city of Kerman with the aim of constructing gas and solar power plants and carrying out all construction projects and commercial services.
All shares of the above company are called Kerman Civil Organization (98%), Nobel Glass International Company (1%) and Sirjan Civil Engineering Company (1%).

Among the activities of the company, the construction of a gas power plant located in the industrial town No. 2 of Kerman with an area of ​​about 4500 square meters, which creates all the necessary infrastructure for the construction of a 6-megawatt power plant consisting of 3 two-megawatt MTU including 2500 cubic meters gas station Per hour with external pressure 250 bar and internal pressure 60 bar, gas piping, foundation for 3 devices, mechanical and electrical ducts, required panels for 3 devices, two transformers, production hall, passage room (20 kW room) ) Office building, warehouse, radiator bases, etc.


Managing Director Mr. Gholam Hossein Takfali
  Tehran office: Tehran, Sattar Khan - after Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri Bridge - in front of Rahimi Asl Street - next to Bank Saderat - No. 660
                  Contact number: 021-44281352  
                                 Fax number: 44281350-021

  Factory: Kerman, Industrial Town No. 2 (Khazra) - Pamchal Boulevard - 13th Street - No. 11 and contact number 80343338658