The strategic role and importance of water resources in sustainable development and in land management programs and the sustainability of ecological systems in regions, as well as the importance of this vital element in all economic, social and policies of societies and the limitation of these resources and its imbalance with the growing needs It has confronted human societies with very serious challenges in various sectors. At present, very large areas of Iran are in critical condition in terms of water resources and these conditions have had very negative effects on the economic and social development of various regions, and the province of Kerman is considered as one of the areas of very low water. Since the high capacities and advantages of the provinces of Kerman and Hormozgan have always been in the spotlight, unfortunately, the current limitations of water resources are one of the most important obstacles to the development of these areas.
 Kerman Civil Organization as a specialized parent company (Holding) since its inception employing the most experienced staff and contractors, local and international experts and competent companies, has been able to take very important and fundamental steps in the development of part of the country's infrastructure. . In accordance with the mission of its long-term strategies to participate in the sustainable development of the above areas, this organization has initiated studies, studies and measures to supply, purify and transfer water from the Arabian Sea to the Kerman and Hormozgan provinces since 2014 and in recent years, the selection and employment of technical companies specializing in the field of water have been able to take important steps to provide part of the drinking water and water supply. industry of Hormozgan and Kerman provinces by desalination of Arabian Sea water and transfer to target areas The huge and vital project is mentioned.
  General project specifications:
Construction site of a desalination and water purification project in the Arabian Sea 3.5 km west of the village of Ziarat in the town of Sirik in the province of Hormozgan on an area of ​​50 hectares and the desalination capacity is 88 million cubic meters per year and in length The water transmission line to the final destination point in Kerman province is about 460 km.
 As there are 200 meters above sea level in the route of the pipeline to Kerman province, there are 16 pumping stations and more than 11 balancing and pressure breaking tanks with different capacities in the pipeline route. The diameter of the pipeline at the start of the route is It is approximately 84 inches and at the end point is approximately 64 inches. In order to provide the necessary energy, the desalination site and the pumping stations are also expected to provide around 70 MW of electricity.
  Due to the severe water shortage in the provinces of Hormozgan and Kerman and also the density of the population of these two provinces to overwhelm the population of these cities and provide a significant part of the water needs of this population , the creation of new cities Homag in Hormozgan and Del Alam in the province of Kerman is planned in the route of the water transfer pipeline.
The budget for the implementation of the desalination and water transfer project is $ 4.1 billion, and considering that it is not possible to provide this volume of resources in the current situation inside country, the preparation of the necessary resources for the project from foreign funding is underway. the agenda The Civil Organization is located.
The taken procedures:
Select a consultant and a project manager
Carrying out preliminary studies for the project
Preparation of the technical and economic justification plan
Obtaining relevant permits including environment, ministry of energy, fisheries, natural resources, etc.
Review and feasibility study of providing the necessary resources for the implementation of the plan, both internal and external
Carrying out engineering studies for the first phase of a project
Investigation and feasibility study on the capacity of companies in the country to provide resources and implement the project
Negotiation and conclusion of a contract with one of the Chinese companies to implement the project as EPC + F
Conclusion of a contract and acquisition of the land for the Ab-Shirinkan site near the village of Ziarat de Serik functions
Construction of an access road to the site's land and leveling of part of the land for further studies
Phase 2 water intake engineering studies

Tar Water Supply Company:

Since Kerman Civil Organization as a specialized parent company (holding) participates and operates in various projects, to implement the project of desalination and water transfer from the Arabian Sea to the provinces of Hormozgan and Kerman in 1396 Tareh Water Supply Company (Joint Stock Company) Special) was established and it was decided that all operational and executive activities and operation of the project would be carried out through this company.

   Directors and CEOs:
Mr. Mohammad Javad Yilaghi as Chairman of the Board
Mr. Amir Mirzaei as Vice Chairman of the Board
Mr. Abbas Forootan as member of the board of directors and chief executive officer