Engineer, Reza Tajour

Organization ICT Advisor



Kerman Civil Organization in 2003 in the domain of organizer and planner in the domain of communications and information technologies, in the internal sector in order to optimize the systems and create an integrated structure, and in the external sector for activating e-commerce and developing and attracting investment in this domain The domain establishes the acquisition of communications and information technologies of the organization.

With this approach, and on the basis of policies established by the estimated head of the organization, this direction in the internal sector for identification, optimization of methods and identification and supply of new systems, and purchase of integrated financial systems, systems development of correspondence, bureaucracy and organization. to portage the portal.

Technical and executive advice in the field of infrastructure development in Sirjan's special economic zone, and purchase: High-speed Internet bandwidth provider, fiber-optic communication platform development in the domains of production units, Gol Gohar Hospital and Hospitality, development of an independent telecommunication network, electronic surveillance system, electronic ducts, integrated system for gesturing entrants and entry and sorting points commercial liès à what domain can be mentioned.

The activation and activation of the science and technology park of information and the electronic commerce tour of the special economic zone of Sirjan, as well as the activation of an electronic solution are other programs used in this direction .