Institute of Accounting of Ancient East Processors

 History and subject of activity:

Ancient Shargh Bardazgostar Accountant Non-Commercial Institute (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered in 2007 under No. 1378 in Kerman Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office with 90% shareholding of Kerman Civil Organization and as a specialized arm in accounting, auditing, financial and tax services to provide Services to subsidiaries and outsiders have started their activities.


The financial and accounting services of the institute are:

- Accepting responsibility for all matters related to accounting in two ways: attending the employer or receiving documents and doing work in the office of the institution.

- Implementation of accounting systems.

- Implementation and modification of accounting coding.

- Financial management consulting, tax consulting.

- Carrying out consultations regarding the recruitment of specialized human resources.

- Modify and adjust the account and audit the documents.

- Performing all accounting and financial affairs of companies.

- Preparation and preparation of tax returns and legal offices in accordance with the regulations of writing direct offices of the law of direct taxes.

- Sending the accounting staff from the accountant to the manager and financial and tax consultant with useful records and continuous monitoring and support of the staff sent to companies and institutions.

- Providing a financial system for newly established companies or companies with inefficient systems.

- Registration and correction of accounting documents (current and arrears) and design of basic coding at different levels of mechanized systems and correction of inappropriate coding.

- Preparation of financial statements of natural and legal persons and consolidated financial statements of groups of companies according to financial rules and standards.

- Execution of account correction operations and settlement of account disputes with other companies and closing accounts.


Managing Director Mr. Asadullah Shahbakhsh Phone: 09122769839

 Address Kerman: Shahid Kamyab St. - in front of the Islamic Thought Center - Kerman Civil Organization building - right floor on the right

          Phone 03432229794 and 03432229750 and telex 03432229735


Address: No. 660, First Floor, Opposite Rahimi Asl St., Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri Bridge, Sattarkhan Gharb St., Tehran